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  • 16 Feb 2018 11:57 PM | Clem (Administrator)

    I found a positive deck of motivation cards that I'll be going LIVE with on FB and Instagram each week on Wednesdays.  The mantra I pulled this week:  "I choose to surround myself with people who love and value me."

    We get to choose our environment and how we let it affect us emotionally and physically.  Protect your time, your joy, and your sanity.  Join me mid-week on the links below.



    For your own set of cards, see:  Happy Grace by Tanya Wheeles, Phoenix AZ

  • 13 Feb 2018 5:01 PM | Renessa (Administrator)

    Most of us dread leaving our comfy safe homes to attend events in a sea of strangers.  Then when we go, it was a waste of time.  1 or 2 people kept you hostage the whole time, selling at you, and by the end of the night you've only met 2 people.  Not worth it.  

    In this video, we discuss tips in creating successful meaningful connections that can grow into more (loyal long term clients or friendships).


  • 4 Dec 2017 11:49 AM | Renessa (Administrator)

    I have made a lot of excuses and kept myself busy with "other Business" needs and not accomplishing my goals and dreams. 

    I was being successful in business but in the back of my mind I knew I had BIGGER dreams. 

    I created this video to share my story and how to turn my excuses into momentum of creating a successful life for me and my family.

    I hope this inspires you. 

    Please share with your girlfriends so we can all create new beginnings in our life!

    Renessa Strong 

  • 2 Dec 2017 2:15 PM | Renessa (Administrator)

    Hey Girlfriend! 

    We have all worked hard this year! Let's get together and showcase our businesses and give back to our community of inspiring women. 

    Girlfriends Success Circle has had an incredible 2017 growing from only 300 members to over 2500 women in our Facebook and Email Groups. We want to personally thank you so much for being a part of our dream, vision and now reality of creating new friendships and business opportunities for women in our community!

    ~ Founder Renessa Strong & President Clem Lafrades

    Check out our event here! 

  • 6 Oct 2017 4:17 PM | Renessa (Administrator)

    1. Assertives:  Assertive personalities crave information, relevant information, and they want it presented concisely. Generally speaking, they operate best on their own and remain keenly focused on achieving project milestones and deadlines. Assertive men and women will sometimes come across as aggressive and unfriendly, even when they don’t mean to be, and they can’t stand to have their time wasted. 

    2. Amiables:  Amiable types value honesty and trust. They seek and invest in personal relationships. Their approach to problem-solving is “touchy-feely,” and they’ll take more time than other personality types researching solutions and arriving at a decision. They don’t thrive on conflict, preferring instead to forget consensus and take everyone’s interests into consideration. 

     3. Expressives:  Like amiables, expressive types care about the people around them. They’re also spontaneous, creative, impulsive and proud of their intuitive capabilities. They place great stock in positive interactions, so don’t get caught up in playing mind games with these individuals. By nature, these men and women are highly confident, often flamboyant and ready at the blink of an eye to move to the next thing. 

     4. Analytics:  Analytics are number crunchers and problem-solvers. Most likely, they’ll know all about your company before you walk in the door, so be ready to answer a flurry of detailed questions. Analytics live and die by the idea of “due diligence.” Their decision-making process rests heavily on research, vetting and designating options. Decisions are made based on cold, hard facts and figures. Emotion simply doesn’t enter into the equation.

    What advice do you have on selling to different personality types? 
    comment below and let us know
  • 15 Sep 2017 10:17 AM | Renessa (Administrator)

    The thoughts you are having at this moment... are they serving your purpose? Your Presence and how you see the world in every second of your day is your power. Take your power back, remove the limits of your body, environment or time. Any time you have a negative thought remove it from your mind and focus back into your beautiful state- the place where you want to operate from. I catch myself all the time getting into drama or negative talk just out of human habit. Thankfully my support team, my husband, friends and even kids are quick to remind me " Honey what is something you are thankful for" How is this serving your purpose" Any open ended question you give your mind forces your thought process to find the answer. Use this everyday and you will start seeing a world designed for you. 

    Some questions I have used to align myself, I use these while driving or when I first wake up in the morning. Try them out comment below on any other ideas that have served your presence.

    "What would it take for ________ to show up with ease?" 
    "Who would I have to be to double my income?" 
     "What are the possibilities here that I have never considered?"
    "What does my multi million dollar empire look like"
    "How does my purpose serve the world"

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